If your service is not working please try the following steps prior to contacting our support team.

1. Verify your modem and wireless router are powered on.

2. Verify you are connected to your modem and/or router via wireless or wired connection

3. Reboot your modem by unplugging from power for 30 seconds and plugging back in.

4. Reboot your wireless router by unplugging from power for 30 seconds an plugging back in.

5. Reboot your end user device (computer, tablet, phone, smart device.)

6. Log into your modem and send us the modem status/ diagnostics by following the linked instructions for our supported modems.

    a. Netgear LB1120

    b. ReadyNet LTE 520

    c. Netgear MR1100

    d. Mofi 4500