If you are having trouble with your Netgear MR1100/M1 Nighthawk modem, please reference the following.

See the full user manual for the modem here.

By default, when the modem powers up with a SIM card installed, it automatically searches for and connects to your network provider’s mobile broadband network. This process might take several minutes. The SIM card that is installed determines the mobile broadband network to which the modem connects.

If the modem does not automatically connect to the mobile broadband network after 10 minutes, the LED menu states "mobile broadband disconnected", please conduct a modem reset by holding down the reset button on the undercarriage of the modem for 15 seconds, release the button and wait 1 minute for the modem to reboot.

To access the modem's user interface, please make sure you are connected to it via Ethernet cable or wireless, open a browser and navigate to Enter the admin password you set when you originally set up the device, or if you recently reset your device you can set up a new password now.

Navigate to "Settings">"Advanced Settings">"Cellular">Click on "Band Region" (drop down menu)>select "LTE All"

Verify that the correct APN shows under "APN"

T-Mobile should be "fast.tmobile.com"

AT&T should be "broadband"

Click on "Nighhawk M1 Status">"Diagnostics" to view the current signal status of the modem.

RSRP is the signal strength of your connection to your servicing tower.

Quality measures the signal quality and can be effected by physical obstructions as well as signal strength.

Current radio band indicates which frequency you are connected to the serving tower on.

Current Temperature indicates the operating temperature of your modem. Less than 40 degrees Celsius is preferable.

It may be necessary to replace the manufacturer supplied charge block with a Qualcom Quickcharge 3.0 or 3.1 charge block. Please contact support for details.