Follow below steps when changing to or installing a Blue 300 (AT&T) Plan sim card into your Ridgewave Outdoor Router.

1. You do not need to unplug any cables to do the following steps, but it is recommended to unplug any network device connected to the Ridgewave from power. The power for the ridgewave comes thru the POE injector block (see picture below): 
2. Replace and or stall sim card with new AT&T Blue 300 Plan sim card provided by Olive IP. (See sim card orientation and direction in the picture below).

3. Screw back on the metal cap covering the sim card slot and go back inside to your POE injector

4. Plug back in the POE injector (if you unplugged it before) and ensure all connections on it are tight

5. Wait 5 minutes for device to boot up (it does take around 5 minutes) and then log into the Ridgewave dashboard by entering on your web browser. (You do need to be on a computer or laptop directly connected to the POE injector or by wifi connection assuming your wifi is turned on and your device is connected to the wifi network)

6. Log into the ridgewave user interface using your log in (by default it is going to be admin and admin for the username and password)

7. Click on "Quick Start" from the left-hand menu pane
8. Follow prompts on screen by clicking next (input the same admin and admin username/password during the setup and continue to hit next (nothing else needs to be changed until you get to the step 9 (see below picture)
10. On this page (picture below), enter your MDN (TEL no.) in the first row by deleting what is there by default and entering the MDN listed on your baggie or also located on your account details within your billing portal. 

11. On the next row (APN) enter your service plan's APN (4gascrs.neo) (these do vary so be sure to use the one listed on your baggie or also found within your account details on your billing portal). The Blue 300 plan's APN is: 4gascrs.neo. Next, click the dropdown selection next to "Authentication Protocol" and select PAP.  

12. Change "Keep Alive" option from No to Yes. Be sure to leave everything else "as is" 
13. Click "Next" at the bottom of the page and then Next again to finish the Quick Start setup.  
14. Wait 3-5 minutes for device to reboot and apply changes
6. Re-check connection. (may need to reboot wireless router if wifi connection is not working