Are you getting a amber flashing light and a notification on your MR1100 display screen reading Mobile broadband disconnected? If so, we believe to of found a work around for this issue. Please be sure to of contacted our support team with this issue prior to conducting the below troubleshooting steps. 

Restoring connectivity on the MR1100 Tier 1. 
1. With the Netgear MR1100 powered on, remove the sim card from the sim card slot.
2. Wait 30 seconds.
3. Power off the device by unplugging the power cable and removing the battery (if battery is inserted).
4. Wait 2 full minutes
5. Re-insert the sim card correctly into the sim card slot
6. Power back on the device by plugging in the power cable or inserting the battery (if you are using the battery)
7. Re-check your connectivity
8. If you still have a amber light and a "Mobile Broadband Disconnected" status please follow the below steps

Restoring connectivity on the MR1100 Tier 2.

1. Remove sim card while the device is powered on
2. Hold the reset button (located inside the back compartment housing (you'll need a paper clip or similar) for 30 full seconds
3. Release paper clip and wait 2 minutes for the device to reset and reboot
4. Follow the setup instructions found here. 
5. Once you've gone through a ensure all settings are correct, test your internet connectivity
6. If service is still not restored after confirming this setup and confirming the APN is set to, please shoot us a message to or respond to the existing suppor ticket so we can escalate the issue. 

Example of what your Dashboard/ homepage should look like (device specific info such as signal readings, mac, imei, sim, phone number information will vary from device to device) after you've completed the above steps. 

NOTE: IF you have a wireless router connected to the device, do these steps without it connected! Once you've completed the above steps, plug in your wireless router (with it unplugged) and then plug it into power to reboot it. After it reboots, re-check your network connectivity.