Would you like to schedule a technician to come to your home? If you are located within 100 miles from Waco (by way of direct flight path) we can accommodate those needs! Check out or rates for various types of in- person technician visits.

Technician Services available:

(All labor and Service charges are strictly non-refundable. See Trip Fee schedule to determine additional mileage fees)

 - Service Visit (applies to current Olive IP customers only) - $25

(Includes troubleshooting and support on purchased Olive IP hardware) 
- Site Survey/ Evaluation/ Service Estimate - $50
(includes testing Olive IP serviceability on currently offered plans and hardware)

- Professional Installation - $100

(Includes Olive IP Hardware and/or  internet service installation and connection of up to 15 network devices. See below expanded services NOT included with professional installation)

Expanded Olive IP Installation options and add-ons: 

(One-time Pro. Installation charge of $100 applies in conjunction with any below add-on or service charges)    
- Customer Provided Router Installation - $20

(Includes router installation and connection of up to 15 network devices.)
- 5 Port Network Switch Install - $30

- 8 port Network Switch Install - $40

- Unifi Access Point Install - $200

- Standard Antenna Install - $200 

- Peak Antenna Mount Install- $20 

- Under Eave Antenna Mount Install- $100

- VOIP ATA Adapter Install- $50

- 6 Port Surge Protector Install - $15

- Ethernet Cable (per foot) - $1.15

- Ubiquiti Wireless Network Bridge Installation - $350
- Cat5e or Coaxial Network Cable Wall Drop - $80

(Up to 100 feet.)

- Network Cable Tracing - $10 per outlet

- Cable Trenching - $2 per foot

- Peripheral Network Device Setup - $20 per device

Trip Fee Schedule 
(Any applicable trip fees are applied to any in-person technician service, support, survey, estimate, or installation appointment)

Trip Charge Over 40 Miles from Waco Office - $20

Trip Charge Over 60 Miles from Waco Office - $40

Trip Charge Over 80 Miles from Waco Office- $60

Trip Charge Over 100 Miles from Waco Office- $80
Trip Charge Over 120 not to exceed 140 Miles from Waco Office- $100

Use this radius mapping tool to determine which trip fee applies to your address! 
Radius tool legend: Between Blue and Green: $20
                                Between Green and Yellow: $40
                                Between Yellow and Orange: $60
                                Between Orange and Red: $80
                                Past Red: Call or email us for an estimate     

Shoot us an email to support@oliveip.com or call us at 254-777-5222 to schedule a technician!