Watch this video from Netgear on a walk through of changing the APN (YOU WILL NEED THE BELOW CORRECT APN INFO, DO NOT ENTER APN INFO THAT IS IN THE VIDEO): Netgear Video on APN setup with the MR1100

By default, when the modem powers up with a SIM card installed, it automatically searches for and connects to your network provider’s mobile broadband network using standard settings and credentials. NOTE: this only applies if the most recent firmware release is installed and only on the generic Netgear MR1100 which does not have a AT&T logo on the front. If you don't know what firmware is on the device it is safe to say you'll need to complete the below steps along with the Firmware Update steps listed here.   

If you have had a Static IP applied to your line by the carrier (This only applies to Pink Plan/ T-Mobile sim users), the default/standard credentials on the device will not work and must be changed.

1. To access the modem's user interface, please make sure you are connected to it via Ethernet cable (PC or MAC) or wireless (Phone, computer, tablet), open a browser and navigate to Enter the admin password you set when you originally set up the device (this is likely user: admin and password: admin if we configured the device for you), or if you recently conducted a factory reset on your device then you can set up a new password now.

2. Navigate to "Settings" > "Advanced Settings" > "Cellular" > Click on "Band Region" (drop down menu)>select "LTE All"

Click "APPLY"

3. Under the APN section be sure to click "ADD or  +"
4. Type in the APN Info, in accordance with the service plan (See below):

-Pink/ T-Mobile Users: type in "T-Mobile Static" for the APN Title/ Name; Type in "b2b.static" for the APN; Select "IPV4" for PDP and leave PDP Roaming as "none"; leave the spot for Authentication blank.

-Blue/ AT&T Users: type in "AT&T" for the APN Title/ Name; Type in "broadband" for the APN; Select "IPV4v6"; for PDP input "IPV4"; for PDP Roaming leave it as "none"; leave the spot for Authentication blank.

5. Save/Apply that APN setting, and be sure to click the bubble next to the one you just created to make it the "Active" APN.
6. Check the box next to the original/ old APN ( or whatever else is listed there) and then click "Delete"
7. Once you have only one APN listed on the list click "APPLY" (if it appears)
8. Disconnect the device from power (remove battery if inserted).
9. Wait 30 seconds then plug device back into power.

10. If you have a connected network router or switch, ensure these are powered down (unplug from power) and then turn them back on once the Netgear MR1100 is booted back up.
11. Re-check your connectivity and please respond to the support ticket if your connection issue is resolved or fixed.