Are you seeing an error code come across when trying to submit a manual or automatic payment? See the below list of Error Codes and what they mean. Be sure to open a support ticket if you are unable to resolve the billing error on your end. Most errors can be fixed by logging into your customer portal  and fixing the billing information on your account whether it be your credit/ debit card information or the billing address associated with that credit or debit card. Our system is setup to retry failed payments within 3 days of the first failed transaction, so be sure to update billing/ payment information within the first 12 hours of a failed transaction.

Error Codes and Descriptions:

  • There is a problem with our invoicing manager's communication with the payment processor.
  • Send us an email to or submit a support ticket to get this resolved. 
  • The payment was declined due to the fraud detection filters that are setup on our end to safeguard your payment information
  • This is typically caused when you sign up for service with a card and billing address associated with an old address, and once you change that address with your bank, it was not changed on our end
  • Log into your customer portal to update the billing address associated with your card on file
  • The transaction was declined as the payment gateway couldn't verify your address
  • This happens when the billing or shipping address on file does not match that of the credit or debit card being used for processing
  • Log-into the customer portal to update your address
  • A transaction with the same amount or card details was made within a few minutes of the previous transaction.
  • This happens when the transaction sent through and declined, then you log into your account to make that payment again within a few minutes of the first transaction. Typically if you have a failed transaction it is best to wait a few hours before trying to re-run the same credit card again.