Due to our model being prepaid, we are forced to suspend your account once any invoice exceeds 30 days overdue. We will not float payments to the carrier to keep your service running after 30 days past due. We do offer a 10 day grace period in which allows for you to make a late payment without penalty. We do have a $30 late fee which can be applied to any account with an invoice exceeding 10 days past due.

If your account reaches suspension (30 days past due), you will be notified via email from our team to let you know the reason service is being terminated. At this point, the only way to re-gain service would be to pay any outstanding balance and re-sign up for a new subscription. This would include both the prepaid plan cost and a $50 activation fee.

Your recurring subscription will always be 30/31 days after the day you subscribed. The best practice is to communicate any hardships you have to our team by emailing support@oliveip.com PRIOR to having your account reach 30 days past due. We will work with folks as long as you are in communication with us.