Our service operates on a 4G LTE wireless signal and thus can be used "on the move". We've tested them on interstates in vehicles, and they work well. This being said, there are definitely times when heading into wooded areas or valleys/mountains, the signal will cut out. However, if you are on an interstate/ major highway or within a mile or 2 from one, than chances are your going to have a connection. 

Think of our devices like your cell phone… you have coverage a lot of the time but not all of the time. We would recommend using it in one place overall (campgrounds, RV parks, rest stops, vacation home, etc), but traveling with these is very easy and all ya need is a power source to plug it into. 

This type of internet service is designed for mobility. 

Whether you enjoy camping in a motorhome, travel trailer, or a tent, having high-speed internet at your fingertips can enhance your experience.  Some RV internet users enjoy a little online entertainment in the form of streaming television and movies, while others use their WiFi RV hotspot for travel info like finding local campsites and areas of interest or locating needed supplies. And when your RV internet is used for connecting to family or combining work with travel, consistent connectivity is the key to your satisfaction.

But finding a provider that understands WiFi for RV travel is also key.  There are many solutions available to address the unique needs of each user of mobile WiFi for RVs. The first step is to find a company that stays current with the ever-changing and developing technology. You also need one with a reputation for customer service.

For a long time, internet for campers was limited to long-term commitments on painfully slow and expensive satellite services or very limited high-speed wireless data plans. You know, the kind of plans that throttle your speed down to useless dial up rates after using 5-10 GBs of data per month (about 2-3 streamed movies). We have revolutionized wireless internet for RVs by offering unlimited data with no throttling, no long-term contracts, 24/7 customer service, and affordable pricing.

The RV Industry Association reported that 2019 RV sales are on track to exceed 415,000 units and 2020 is forecasted at over 425,000 RVs. These mostly Baby-Boomer and Millennial buyers are tech-savvy and digitally connected. So, the demand for wireless internet and WiFi for RV travel will continue to climb and the technology will continue to advance. We are prepared for the change this growth will bring.

Major wireless data and voice providers are preparing by adding to the cellular infrastructure. Wireless data services are reaching out to more and more locations every day. While wireless data is not always available in the most remote locations, the promise of wireless technology has already brought coverage to areas which were before thought unlikely.

With our knowledge of industry developments from effective antenna choices to the efficacy of specialty hardware, our technicians and staff are dedicated to finding the answers needed to supply affordable high-speed internet for RV users nationwide.