Congratulations on your new Netgear MR1100 Modem. Here is a quick guide to help you get started.

********The below steps are only valid if your device is new out of box OR if you've done a factory reset on the device by pressing and holding the reset button (located inside back plate under the label/ battery compartment) for 30 full seconds (may need a paper clip to be able to push tiny button in the hole). Your device will say Factory Reset in progress. Wait a minute or 2 for it to reset and then continue to below steps. **********

1. Install the provided battery and plug in the USB-C charge block and cord from the back of the modem to a power receptacle.

2. Install the plastic back covering.

3. Verify the modem turns on. If it is not powered on, hold the power button on the front for 5 seconds.

4. Connect to the modem via Ethernet or Wireless (see wireless notes below.)

    a. Toggle through the LED menu on the top of the modem by pressing and releasing the power button found on the front of the modem.

    b. Your modem will show a default wireless network name and password to connect your device to.

5. Open a web browser on your device and navigate to

6. Input your desired administrator password. Note, this is to access the admin GUI on the modem so it is recommended this password be different than your WiFi password.

7. If you are planning to use the integrated WiFi router included in the device, you may input your desired network name and password. Note, if you are connected to the modem via wireless you will have to reconnect to the modem with your new credentials. If you are going to utilize a separate wireless router, you may skip this step/leave these credentials as-is.

8. Hit "Save and Apply"

9. Click "Settings."

10. If you are planning to use the modem for fixed home-use, we recommend utilizing a separate wireless router. To configure your modem for this usage type click "Setup">"WiFi Profiles">"Turn Off WiFi". Hit "Apply". If you plan to use the MR1100 for wifi/ hotspot use, disregard this step and move to step 11. 

11. Click on "Wireless">"WiFi Standby"(drop down menu)>Disabled>Apply

12. Click on "Mobile Router Setup">"Ethernet Standby (drop down menu)>"Disabled">Apply

13. Click on "Advanced Settings">"Cellular">"Band Region" (drop down menu)>"LTE All">Apply

14. Ensure you have the correct APN information entered as sometimes the device will not "Auto-configure" this APN information. See this LINK for APN setup steps

15. This is the final step in configuring your Netgear MR1100 for best performance. It is advised to now click on the M1 Status option then select "Diagnostics" to see what the connected frequency band is and what the signal readings are to determine if your setup location is ideal for good performance. You can stick the battery in and walk around to different parts of your home to see if there is a difference in signal in one place compared to another. When using an LTE service, you always want the best signal possible (lower the RSRP the better- under -100dbm is ideal)!

***** Important Side Note: If your signal readings (RSRP -XXX dbm) on the (Settings > Nighthawk M1 Status > Diagnostics tab) are showing poor (anything between -105 dbm and -130 dbm) it is recommend to hook up a high gain external antenna to the device for better signal quality and strength which will improve speeds greatly. We would recommend the below antennas for this device which are all easy to employ and DIY!

1. High Gain 10-12dBi MIMO Antenna for Netgear MR1100 and Netgear LB1120 (This is good for home use/ permanent installation purposes)

2. Netgear 6000450 MIMO Window Cling Antenna (This is good for mobile use as it is meant to just suction cup to a window or hang on the back side of a laptop/ computer screen)