Congratulations on your new Netgear MR1100 Modem. Here is a quick guide to help you get started.

1. Install the provided battery and plug in the USB-C charge block and cord from the back of the modem to a power receptacle.

2. Install the plastic back covering.

3. Verify the modem turns on. If it is not powered on, hold the power button on the front for 5 seconds.

4. Connect to the modem via Ethernet or Wireless (see wireless notes below.)

    a. Toggle through the LED menu on the top of the modem by pressing and releasing the power button found on the front of the modem.

    b. Your modem will show a default wireless network name and password to connect your device to.

5. Open a web browser on your device and navigate to

6. Input your desired administrator password. Note, this is to access the admin GUI on the modem so it is recommended this password be different than your WiFi password.

7. If you are planning to use the integrated WiFi router included in the device, you may input your desired network name and password. Note, if you are connected to the modem via wireless you will have to reconnect to the modem with your new credentials. If you are going to utilize a separate wireless router, you may skip this step/leave these credentials as-is.

8. Hit "Save and Apply"

9. Click "Settings."

10. If you are planning to use the modem for fixed home-use, we recommend utilizing a separate wireless router. To configure your modem for this usage type click "Setup">"WiFi Profiles">"Turn Off WiFi". Hit "Apply"

11. Click on "Wireless">"WiFi Standby"(drop down menu)>Disabled>Apply

12. Click on "Mobile Router Setup">"Ethernet Standby (drop down menu)>"Disabled">Apply

13. Click on "Advanced Settings">"Cellular">"Band Region" (drop down menu)>"LTE All">Apply