Because the service is based on a wireless 4G LTE connection, speeds vary based on network coverage, tower proximity, and network traffic. We don’t guarantee speeds, or that the speed will be consistent from the time you sign up. If you experience poor speed it could be due to a number of issues, including equipment failure or reboot, frequency/band hopping, router failure, network congestion, account deprioritization, or tower/network maintenance.

See our troubleshooting guide for first steps to troubleshoot your system.

If you experience slow internet consistently at a particular time, it is likely a congestion issue.

If you experience varying speeds all throughout the day and night, your modem may be frequency/band hopping. Search "band hopping" for more details.

If you are unable to connect to wifi, your router is likely failing and needs to be replaced. Remember to always restart your device (laptop, tablet, phone, smart device) and your router anytime you experience wifi disruptions.