Your service is "data cap free", meaning there is not a set limit of GB per month/ billing cycle. This means you can use data in a reasonable manor (not violating the carrier's terms of use) without the fear of hitting a limit and having service turned off until the next bill cycle start date. There is a deprioritization which occurs at either 22G, 50GB, or 75GB depending on your carrier and plan. That means that while you are under your "soft" data cap you are given completely unfettered access to your carrier's network. However, once you exceed your soft data cap, you may be subject to a slow speeds during congestion. Most of our customers do not experience this kind of congestion, however your proximity to highways and cities may effect your speed due to the number of users and the amount of bandwidth available on your serving tower at the time. 

While we offer unlimited data, the LTE carrier do of course have to monitor their network for abnormal usage and network abuse. Generally, the below activities can violate the acceptable use policy by AT&T or T-mobile's usage policy.

- Usage over 500GB (100GB higher than the national household average on data consumption) within a 30 day period
- Illegal activity
- Some sort of virus on your computer which is causing inordinate data transfers. 

- Running high resolution security cameras 24/7 (cloud based service for storing video footage) 

- Downloading video games over the internet  that have download/ game/ update/ files sizes exceeding 20GB (console games on Playstation and or Xbox) 

We do have to abide by our carrier's terms of use, so all usage is subject to your specific carrier's terms of use found thru the above links.