We use a 4G LTE wireless signal to establish the internet connection. You just need an LTE Gateway/modem (provided by us or you can bring your own) along with a active data plan sim card (provided by us) to get the service working.

We do recommend having us check the coverage and tower proximity for your service address to determine expected service quality prior to placing the order.

General rule of thumb is that if you have 2 or more signal bars on your phone (using the AT&T or T-mobile network) inside your home, we can get ya started using Olive IP service! If you do not have at least 2 bars of LTE on your phone indoors, you'd likely be looking at needing additional hardware installed prior to getting started with us. We recommend doing some further reading on exploring signal improvement options in order to maximize the LTE networks capability in your home both for phone reception and LTE data usage using our service.