In this article we will show the steps that you'd take to update the firmware on the BEC 6900 R15 or R17AF model Ridgewave outdoor CPE units.

1. Firstly, you will need to connect to the ridgewave either by connecting to your WIFI network or by direct connecting the LAN cable coming out of the POE injector directly into a laptop or computer. Most folks find using wifi is the easiest, but isn't always the best practice when updating router firmware. Either way, it can be done.

2. Once your connected to your LAN network (wifi or direct connect) open up a web browser (Safari, Google chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer) and enter into the browsers URL bar. (DO NOT TYPE IP INTO A SEARCH ENGINE BAR)

3. Next, you will see a login popup asking for a username and password. By default it is set at username: admin and password: admin . If that doesn't work that would indicate that you've setup a custom router login and you'd need to use those credentials you've made.

4. On the main Ridgewave overview page, click on "Firmware Version" (See below example picture)5. Next, use the attached firmware file (attached to this article at the bottom) and select that file (see picture)

6. Choose the firmware file and hit "open" ; the file selector will close. Hit "Upgrade" on the screen to begin firmware flashing.

7. Wait for the loading screen to finish. BE advised that if doing this over wifi, your screen will likely freeze and or stop showing your percentage increasing. DO NOT PANIC OR TURN OFF THE CONNECTION OR RIDGEWAVE. Just wait 20 full minutes and then try reconnecting everything as it should be done and back online.