Thank for you purchasing the Beam X71 LTE Router! In this article we will discuss how to set a custom APN to utilize LTE services.

1. Connect your phone, tablet or computer to the Beam X71 router either by wifi using SSID: BEAMX71- 5G Password: Connected OR by LAN using the provided CAT5E ethernet cable. 

2. Once you've connected a device to your Beam router, open your favorite web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari and enter the Gateway IP ( into your browser's URL bar (this is where you'd normally type in, etc) and hit enter. 

3. You'll see a router log-in page on this screen. Enter the following default credentials to access your device's user interface.
Username: admin
Password: admin

4. On the left hand menu bar you will see "Network Setting". Click on Network Setting then click on "4G Setting"

5. Click the "APN Manual Switch" toggle button, then click the blue "+" Icon to add a custom APN profile.

6. Enter a name for the APN profile. This name is for your convenience only. We recommend inputting the carrier name plus the APN name itself.

7. Type in the APN for your plan in the "APN" field, then hit "Apply" A list of applicable APNs for your Olive IP data plan are listed below, but be advised these are generic, and do change. Please look on your billing portal under account details to see what your specific APN setting should be!

AT&T Unlimited Plans (Blue Premier or Blue Basic): broadband

AT&T Data Limited Plans (Blue 450 or Blue: OR 4gascrs.neo 

T-Mobile Unlimtied Plans (MOFI4500 Users):

T-Mobile Data Limited Plans (Non-MOFI4500 Users OR Static IP): b2b.static

Verizon Unlimited Plans: vzwinternet

8. Wait 30 seconds after hitting "Apply", then pull the power cable from the device. Wait 3 minutes and then plug back in the power cable. (this will make the device resync with the network)

9. Re-check your connection after you give the router a few mins to boot up, and be sure to let us know if this resolves your connection issue.