Thank for you purchasing the Beam X71 LTE Router! In this article we will discuss how to do a basic setup and include additional resource links for optimizing your device.

1. Connect your phone, tablet or computer to the Beam X71 router either by wifi using SSID: BEAMX71- 5G Password: Connected OR by LAN using the provided CAT5E ethernet cable.

2. Once you've connected a device to your Beam router, open your favorite web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari and enter the Gateway IP ( into your browser's URL bar (this is where you'd normally type in, etc) and hit enter. 

3. You'll see a router log-in page on this screen. Enter the following default credentials to access your device's user interface.
Username: admin
Password: admin

4. In the top left corner you will see "Wizard". Click on Wizard to open the Quick setup. Click "Next" on the first screen to get started.

5. The next page is the "APN Setting" Page. You should not need to do anything on that page if you've purchased this device from us with a carrier plan (Blue, Pink, Red) as the SIM card is already installed and the device will auto-detect the APN based on the installed sim card. You can of course manually input APN information her by clicking the "ON/OFF" slider and entering in the APN and Dial Number info (You'd need to ask our team for this information). Click "Next" to move to the next step. 

6. The next page is the "LAN Setting" page. Unless you have anything specific to enter/ change on this page (most basic users do not have any specific info to input or change here) leave everything as is and click "Next" to move to the next step.
7. On this next page, you have the option to change and/or modify the default WIFI settings. (You do not have to change these default WIFI settings). If you wish to input your own WIFI network name and/ or password, you can do so next to either the 2.4G and/ or 5.8G areas. (In the picture below, everything was left in the default settings). Click "Next" once you've entered the information you want (or left it "as is").

8. The last screen is the completion screen. Click "Finish" to apply and set your router's parameters based on the information entered/ changed during the setup wizard. Be advised, that if you've changed either WIFI network name or password, you'd need to wait a few minutes for the device apply those settings, and then re-connect your devices (phones, tablet, computer, etc) to the new WIFI network name and password that was setup. 

9. This completes the basic setup of your device (not required). It is highly recommended to run thru the below optimization articles to ensure your getting the most out of your Beam X71.

Beam X71 - Ensuring Useable Signal
Beam X71 - Bandlocking