The sim card sent was tested in office and confirmed working and performing to normal speeds prior to packaging it up and shipping it your way.

Be advised that while changing the sim card itself is relatively simple, Your device likely will require a extra few steps prior to service being restored once you've changed the sim card, as I'm sure you've already figured out.

Most users report the need to log into the Ridgewave's User Interface AFTER installing the sim card in Order to run thru the "Quick Start" setup. You will then need to manually setup the APN in this quick setup to broadband. All other prompts are self explanatory. 

This can be done using a phone connected to your wifi by typing in the following IP: to your phones web browser's URL bar. If you are using a computer, just open a web browser and type in the IP address (listed above) into your URL bar on your favorite web browser. Either method works the same, and both methods require your phone/ tablet to be connected to your home network/ router's WIFI. 

See below link for APN change instructions (THIS HAS TO BE DONE)
BEC Ridgewave 6900 APN Change

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