Please understand that the sim card we sent was tested in office and confirmed working and performing to normal speeds prior to packaging it up and shipping it your way. 

Most users report the need to log into the LB1120 User Interface AFTER installing the sim card and rebooting the device, in order to hit a "Submit" Button for the broadband/ AT&T carrier network which is located on an APN verification pop-up window. This pop-up window should appear once you enter the device's sign-in password (located on the label of the device). You will then need to manually setup the APN. The name doesn't really matter but we recommend putting AT&T. The APN is broadband. Nothing else needs to be put/ changed on that APN settings page.

This can be done using a phone connected to your wifi (assuming your wifi is connected to the lb1120 via lan (hardwire) connection) with the IP: It can also be done using the Netgear Mobile App. If you are using a computer, just open a web browser and type in the IP address (listed above) into your URL bar on your favorite web browser.

Step 1: Log in into your LB1120 dashboard.
Example of what you'll see on the Netgear Dashboard page Step 1 cont - Use the PASSWORD: xxxxxxxx listed on your device's label to enter in the "Sign-In" section"

Step 2: Once signed-in: (Click Submit Button)

Step 3- Next should take you to APN settings page.

Step 4 - Fill in the highlighted fields and click save:
Name: AT&T
APN: broadband

Step 5- Select the APN profile you want to use for your connection (click the circle that pops up next to the AT&T profile you've just created).

Step 6 - Once you've done this, Click on the "Preferences" option (next to the APN option) and ensure you have the "Always connect, except when roaming" option selected. Otherwise you'll need to continually log in and hit the connect button.
Step 7 - Next, wait 2 minutes, and you should see the internet status go from Disconnected to Connected. The Power light on the device should also switch over to green. If this does not happen, disconnect your LB1120 modem from power for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Once it boots up (~2 mins) you will see a green light on the far left, 1-4 green signal bars in the middle and a green flashing right on the far right (LAN connection to your wireless router).