The below instructions will walk you through how to find out the current status of your internet connection as well as reading the LTE signal in which your device is currently using.

1. Log into your MOFI User Interface (dashboard) by first connecting to the Mofi's wifi network or by using a direct LAN connection with an ethernet cable between your laptop and/ or computer and LAN1 port on the MOFI. If connecting over wifi, be sure you are connecting to the MOFI's wifi network (The default wifi network is "MofiNetworkXXX" unless you've manually changed the MOFI's SSID to something different). 

2. Once you've verified your device (phone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc) is connected to your MOFI (you DO NOT need a working internet connection to log in and or access your MOFI's (UI) dashboard), open up an approved web browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer (DO NOT use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome), and type into the URL bar the follow gateway IP for your MOFI: . Hit enter or go on your URL bar so that the search engine will search that IP address.
3. You should be brought to the MOFI's UI homepage which looks like the below picture. If you are not, please verify your device is connected to the MofiNetwork wifi and then try again. (Some phones will default to a LTE connection and ignore the wifi connection if there is no working internet and if this is the case for you, please put the phone or tablet info airplane mode to disable the LTE connection). The default log in information is: Username: root   Password: admin. Hit Login once credentials are entered. 
4. The easiest and primary way to see if you have an active or live connection to the carrier network is by looking for an assigned "External IPV4 Address" which is located on the "+Overview" -> "General" tab (main homepage). See below example. In the example, it is showing an IP address there which indicates a network connection. This IP address is assigned to your device by their network and can change based on their network assignment/ management practices. 
5. If there is no IP address or states: "Not Detected", this would indicate your device is not connected to the carrier network, and thus the reason for you reading this article. To best determine WHY your device is not connected, we will need 3 very important snapshots/ screenshots/ and or pictures from your device.
6. The first picture is found under "+Overview" -> "Status". Send us a complete picture or screenshot of this page. See example below: 

7. The second picture is found under "+Network" -> "Mofi Internal Modem". Send us a complete picture or screenshot of this page. See example below: 

8. The third and final picture is found under "+Network" -> "Mofi Internal Modem" -> "Check Signal Strength". Send us a complete picture or screenshot of this page. See example below: 

9. Send all 3 pictures (in the same email) to us at and we will begin to look into the information on your device to determine what the issue. We will respond to your email (support ticket) within 48 business hours with follow up information or a solution on how to fix the issue. The most common issue found is the APN not being entered correctly or the device not recognizing the sim info correctly. Both of these can be fixed on the "Mofi Internal Modem" page typically if the sim card is installed correctly. See supporting articles on these steps here. Only do this if you've already done a Factory restore on your device and have tried all other suggested general troubleshooting.