1. Unplug the power adapter from the back of the router for 20 seconds, then plug back in. Wait 3 minutes to let the router reboot. Open a web browser and navigate to www.speedtest.net and run a speed test.


2. Make sure your device is connected to LAN 1-4 via an Ethernet cable, or to the WiFi (The default Wifi name for the OIP Better Box is Olive IP Home Wireless and the password is oliveip92 by default)

3. Open a web browser and navigate to

4. Enter the following credentials

Username: root

Password: Nutcracker44 OR admin

5. Navigate to "Modem">"Network Status" on the left hand menu panel

6. Scroll down to view "Modem/SIM Information", "Signal Information", and "Cell Information"

7. View "Modem/SIM Information". Verify the "Modem IMEI", "SIM IMSI", "SIM ICCID" and "SIM Phone Number" are all populated.


Remove SIM card found on the side of the device and reinsert it 2-3 times to jar the contact on the inside of the router. If problems persist, contact Olive IP support.

8. View "Signal Information". Verify "Network is registering as "LTE". Verify "Signal Strength" is over 65%.

IF Signal Strength is below 65%, attempt to move the device to alternate locations in your home to optimize performance. Avoid placing the device behind metal or reflective surfaces. Ideally place near window with direct outdoor line of sight to avoid signal obstructions. If you are unable to increase the signal over 65% you may need to consider an exterior mounted antenna. Contact Olive IP support for details.

9. View "Cell Information". Notate what "Band" is registered. If you experience large swings in throughput/speed, monitor what band your router is connecting to. If you find it is consistently performing higher on a particular band, see these instructions to lock onto that frequency.