In order to use Wireless Routers such as Netgear, Linksys, Mesh Networks, etc., Please follow these steps:


  1. Turn off both your OIP Better Box V1/V2/V3, and your Wireless Router by disconnecting the power cord.  

  2. Connect the supplied yellow cable, (CAT5e cable, Internet Cord, looks like a larger phone cord) to your OIP Better Box blue WAN Port, and your Wireless Router’s LAN port.   



    a. When this is complete, you should have an Ethernet cable connected to the WAN port of your OIP Better box, and your Wireless Router.  

3. Turn on your OIP Better Box

    a. Wait 10 minutes

4. Turn on your Wireless Router


Note: This should resolve all of the issues you have been having with your Router not connecting in the morning.  Please note, that your OIP Better Box will reboot every morning, to refresh its connection with the LTE Towers.