Follow below steps when changing the T-mobile sim card on your Ridgewave.

1. Replace sim card with new T-mobile sim card

2. Press and hold the reset button (located next to the sim slot) for 45 seconds

3. Wait 15 minutes for device to reboot

4. Check connection (it should be good)

IF it is not good, follow the below instructions

1. Log into the Ridgewave (open web browser on a device connected to your home network and type in on the URL bar) by being directly connected (hardwire cat5e/ Lan cable) to wireless router

2. Go to "Quick Start"
3. Follow prompts on screen by clicking next. On the page which looks like picture below, enter b2b.static in the APN field and click submit/ save (if it pops up) otherwise click next
4. Click next and then finish (The Ridgewave will apply settings and reboot)
5. Wait 3-5 minutes for device to reboot and apply changes
6. Re-check connection. (may need to reboot wireless router if wifi connection is not working