Step 1: Open an Internet Explorer, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox web browser and navigate to

Step 2: Enter the user credentials below

Username: root

Password: admin

Step 3: Click on "Mofi Internal Modem"

Step 4: Clear out whatever is populated in "Access Point (APN)" and replace it with the following credentials for your carrier and plan. (PLEASE CONTACT OUR TEAM FOR YOUR APN SETTINGS! THIS INFORMATION IS ALSO LISTED ON YOUR BILLING PORTAL UNDER ACCOUNT DETAILS). If you've ordered a new plan/ sim card, you should see the APN listed on the baggie your sim card was in. 

AT&T (Blue Basic Plan): broadband
AT&T (Blue 300): 4gascrs.neo

T-Mobile : (contact support to find out)

T-Mobile Static: b2b.static contact support to find out) 

Verizon: vzwinternet

Step 5: Click save/ apply, wait 3 minutes and then reboot your MOFI. Once it boots up, it'll pull the SIM and APN info and cross check with your plan and carrier and give ya access to the network. If it does not give you access to the network, you likely do not have either a SIM installed correctly or the APN is not correct.