Below are some key troubleshooting steps for restoring internet connectivity for your MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-SIM4. Skip checking signal stregth if you've already done this for the carrier sim card in which you are installing/ changing to. This is very important to do "Checking signal strength" if you are changing from a Blue plan to a Pink plan or visa versa.

Checking Signal Strength 

The MOFI performs best when it has the best signal strength from the cellular tower.  The Received Signal Strength and the Signal Quality are two indicators of the quality of the connection to the tower.  Good signal strength is typically better than -100, e.g. -90 or -95.  Good signal quality is a more positive number, like +5 or 0 and indicates the amount of distortion or noise in the received signal.   If you have a poor signal strength (like -104 or -110), you typically have worse transmission speeds.  But you can have good signal strength (like -90) and poor signal quality (like -14) and you still have poor speeds because the received signal, although strong, is noisy.  So it is harder for the modem to pull the data signal out of the received signal.

Do the following to find the best of both:

  1. Put the MOFI router on an extension cord so you can move it around your home.  Make sure the two paddle antennas are snugly screwed onto the MOFI's 3G/4G/LTE antenna jacks.

  2. Using your smartphone's browser, connect your phone to the default MofiNetworkXXX wifi network listed under your wifi connections. To bring up the MOFI's signal strength page. Enter in the address bar on your phones web browser (safari, google url bar)

  3.  Enter admin for the password and log in.

  4. When the Overview page loads, Click on the Check Signal Strength button

  1. Slowly walk around your home holding your MOFI router and watching the signal strength screen.  You'll see the green bars, the Signal Strength and Signal Quality numbers change as you move around.   The change isn't instantaneous, so pause after each move to give the numbers a chance to be refreshed.  You want both to be as positive a number as you can get; e.g. a Signal Strength of -90 is better than -100 and a Signal Quality of -7 is better than -17.

  2. Keep the router near the outside walls of your home as you walk around. You'll probably find the signal strongest when it is near a window. The signal is also typically strongest the higher you are above ground. Basements typically do not get great signal.

  3. Once find the location with the strongest signal, leave the MOFI there.

If you don't find a strong enough signal, or the MOFI isn't connecting well to the tower, please repeat the above procedure but do it outside, walking around the exterior of your home.  If you get a better signal strength outside of your home, then it may be worth getting an exterior antenna that can bring the better outside signal inside to the MOFI.  We can provide you a recommended antenna configuration that many of our members use - just let us know if you want the details.  The components can all be purchased on Amazon and cost about $100 - $170 depending on the cable length you need.

Confirm APN Settings (this is what matches your sim number and service plan to a carrier network to identify access approval)

Carrier / Olive IP PlanAPN (regular)APN (custom)
AT&T / Blue Planbroadbandn/a
Sprint / Not Offered r.ispsnn/a
T-Mobile / Pink Unlimited and Pink this APN for the Pink unlimited, and Pink Premier plan)b2b.static 

(use this APN for the Pink Limited 800 Plan)
Verizon / Red Planvzwinternetn/a
  1. Log into the device at
    default username is: root
    default password is: admin
  2. Click on "MOFI Internal Modem" under "+ Network" on the left hand menu pane.
  3. On the general settings page, for the entry “Access Point (APN)”, enter the value for your carrier from the table above
    NOTE: the only scenario where you wouldn't use the regular APN listed in the table above is if you have a Pink Limited 800 Plan (T-mobiles newest service plan option). If that is the case you'd enter b2b.static. If you are not sure please contact a support rep.
  4. click save and wait for the modem to reconnect.
  5. Once the modem finishes saving that entry, wait 30 seconds and then unplug the power cable from your MOFI (turn it off)
  6.  Wait 1 minute with the MOFI powered off, then plug the power cable back in. Give it roughly 5 minutes to boot back up and you should now have connectivity to the network.