To view your data usage on the Mofi4500 modem please follow the steps below.

1. Make sure your modem is powered on and the SIM card is installed.

2. Make sure you are plugged into ports 1-4 with an Ethernet cable, or connected to the Mofi's WiFi network.

3. Open an Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox web browser.

4. In the navigation bar, enter

5. Enter the word admin as the password.

6. Click on "Bandwidth & Filters" on the left hand navigation panel.

7. View your usage as a whole in Megabytes (MB). There are 1000 Megabytes in 1 Gigabyte (GB).

8. Click on "Bandwidth Monitoring" to view and adjust bandwidth usage per device connected to your network as well as adjust the monitoring cycle depending on your billing cycle. Please note that the modem does NOT automatically sync the monitoring cycle with the billing cycle associated with your SIM card/plan.