A carrier refresh has been conducted on your service line. Please follow the below steps to restore your service.

  1. Power off the device by unplugging the POE block's AC/ power cable from power outlet. See below picture of an example POE Injector : 

  2. Unplug your Wireless router from power and wait 30 seconds

  3. Plug the AC/ power cable (attached to the POE Injector block) back into the wall outlet.

  4.  Ensure the middle AC/power adapter (which attaches the cable to the block) is tight in the POE Injector block's slot. 

  5. Ensure the 2 LAN/ CAT5e cables are tight in the LAN outlets on the POE Block. 

  6. Wait 8 minutes for the Ridgewave system to boot up completely

  7. Plug your wireless router back into power which will boot up your wifi

  8. Give your wifi about 3 minutes to boot up completely and then reconnect your wifi devices to wifi and re-check your connection

Let us know asap if this resolves the issue!