1. Power off the device by unplugging the POE block's AC/ power cable from power outlet. See below picture of an example POE Injector : 

  2. Unscrew the SIM cover from the bottom of the Outdoor Ridgewave Antenna to expose the SIM card securing mechanism/ sim card slot.

  3. Place the standard size SIM card in place with the metal pins faced back, and the wedge facing the top of the modem. (USE A SIM ADAPTER IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A STANDARD SIZE SIM CARD)

  4. Screw the SIM cover back on to safeguard the SIM slot housing unit.

  5. Plug the AC/ power cable (attached to the POE Injector block) back into the wall outlet.

  6.  Ensure the middle AC/power adapter (which attaches the cable to the block) is tight in the POE Injector block's slot. 

  7. Ensure the 2 LAN/ CAT5e cables are tight in the LAN outlets on the POE Block. 

  8. Wait 10 minutes for the Ridgewave to boot back up

  9. Disconnect your wireless router from power 

  10. Wait 1 minute and then plug your wireless router back into power.