See below steps to restoring your BEC 6900 to factory settings. This will typically fix any configurations that may be causing intermittent or loss of service.

1. Verify you are connected to your RidgeWave BEC 6900 router by either an ethernet (hardwired) connection to the "Data" port on the POE adapter or directly into your wireless router. You can also access the Ridgewave's GUI on a phone or tablet as long as they are connected to your wifi network. 

2. Log into the router by opening Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and typing in the default IP address ( into the URL bar on your preferred web browser.  Click enter to go to that URL (IP) and you will be prompted to Log-in. The default login is User: admin Password: admin. Select ok to log-in to the device. 

3. Once you are into your device's GUI;Navigate down the left-hand side to "Configuration" > "Maintenance" > "System Restart". Select the bubble next to Factory Default Settings and then hit restart.

4. The device will then show a restart process screen; wait for that screen to finish. You'll be prompted to re-login to the device once the device resets. Log back into the device following step 2. 

5. Next you'll navigate to "Quick Start"; Click on "Run Wizard"

6. Click on "Next" 
7. Type in "admin" for the New Password and "admin" for the Confirm Password then click "Next"
8.  Click "Next" 
9.  The only field you need to change/ add something is the "APN" field. In the example below I've entered a T-Mobile basic  APN which is ""(there is a T-Mobile sim card in the unit in this example which does NOT have a static IP). If you have an AT&T sim card (Blue Plan) the APN  is "broadband". If you have a Verizon sim card (Red) plan, the APN is "vzwinternet".  If you are using a Pink Max or Custom Plan with a Static IP you'd want to enter b2b.static in the APN field. Once you have entered the correct APN, click next

10. Click "Next" again; You have now reset your device to factory and reset the device to basic default settings for work functionality. 

11. To verify you are getting a signal and your device is connected; navigate over to "Status" > "3G/4G- LTE status". This is the page that shows all the important signal and connection diagnostics. If  you status has nothing populated or not as much populated as the example, it i likely your device is still booting up/ finding signal. You can Enable the "Auto-Refresh" and then continue to wait 5-10 inutes for that screen to populate the diagnostics. Once that screen is fully populated, go ahead and re-check your internet connectivity, as these steps ensured our service was restored.