If you are having connectivity issue or your device is showing a amber colored light over the power indicator icon the first steps to do, prior to contacting our support team or submitting a trouble ticket are listed below.

Please reference our Netgear LB1120 troubleshooting here. 

When we submit any ticket to the carrier their first recommendation on fixing a connectivity issue relating to service on a Netgear LB1120 is listed below. In order to make this process quicker, please ensure you have already done the below troubleshooting prior to contacting our support team to submit any request to the carrier.

Level 1 Troubleshooting:

1. Unplug the Netgear LB1120 from power
2. Remove the sim card (See how-to video here)
3. Take device to another location (preferably closer/ better line of sight to serving tower)
4. Re-insert sim card after waiting 5 minutes
5. Plug device back into power
6. If lights come on green after waiting 3 minutes continue to step 7. If power indicator light stays amber color please conduct Level 2 Troubleshooting
7. Unplug connected Wireless router
8. Wait 30 seconds then plug wireless router back into power
9. Wait 2-3 minutes for wireless router to boot back up fully, and then re-connect any wireless enabled devices to wifi network
10. Check connectivity (You should be good to go)

Level 2 Troubleshooting:

1. Press and hold the reset button ((may need a paper clip)located next to the power button) for 45 seconds
2. Release the reset button and wait 3 minutes for the device to boot back up
3. If power indicator light is now green, power cycle the connected wireless router/ network switch. If power indicator is still amber, a escalation needs to be sent to the service provider, which will likely result in a needing a sim card replacement, if this is not a localized serving tower issue.

Level 3 Troubleshooting (only applies to the Blue/ AT&T Plans)

1. Log-into the LB1120 Netgear User Interface (See how to log into the device instructions here)
2. Once you type in the Sign-in Admin password found on the label of your device, look for a Pop-up which asks to verify the APN. Click submit to confirm/ verify the AT&T broadband APN.
3. Wait 30 seconds for it to sync, and you should be good to go!

If these steps/ references do not get your service back up and running, it is likely due to one of the following:

1. Serving Tower issue
2. Sim card issues (Sim card not installed correctly or sim card is scratched/ not readable)
3. Service plan renewal issue (If this happens it usually occurs 30 days apart from last instance)
4. No signal available from carrier where your device is located (click here to read more) 

5. Service line cut by the carrier for data use violations (AT&T and T-Mobile have a Fair Use / Acceptable Use policy which is strictly enforced during network congestion) T-Mobile Information regarding this found here. AT&T information regarding this is found here. 

6. Other end user error (no wifi router plugged in and or functioning and or configured, not able to log-into the device to keep it updated or check connectivity or messages)