The below instructions will walk you through how to change the default wifi name and password on the MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-SIM7 V2    

1. Log into your MOFI User Interface (dashboard) by first connecting to the Mofi's wifi network or by using a direct LAN connection with an ethernet cable between your laptop and/ or computer and LAN1 port on the MOFI. If connecting over wifi, be sure you are connecting to the MOFI's wifi network (The default wifi network is "MofiNetworkXXX" unless you've manually changed the MOFI's SSID to something different).  If you have changed the default wifi info or you do not see this wifi info populate on your device, you may need to factory reset your mofi by pressing down the reset button (small button inside a hole next to the power cable hole) for 20 full seconds. This reset will change the wifi back to default settings. Reboot the connected device your using 3-4 minutes after doing this.

2. Once you've verified your device (phone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc) is connected to your MOFI (you DO NOT  need a working internet connection to log in and or access your MOFI's (UI) dashboard), open up an approved web browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer (DO NOT use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome), and type into the URL bar the follow gateway IP for your MOFI: . Hit enter or go on your URL bar so that the search engine will search that IP address. 

3. You should be brought to the MOFI's UI homepage which looks like the below picture. If you are not, please verify your device is connected to the MofiNetwork wifi and then try again. (Some phones will default to a LTE connection and ignore the wifi connection if there is no working internet and if this is the case for you, please put the phone or tablet info airplane mode to disable the LTE connection). The default log in information is: Username: root   Password: admin. Hit Login once credentials are entered.  

4. Once, logged into the MOFI, click on "+Network" -> "Wifi". This will bring you to the Wifi setting page. Here you can configure your wifi settings however you want. If you'd just like to change the name and password of your wifi network, keep reading. See example photo of this page below. 

5. In the above picture, you will see the 2 yellow highlighted portions which you will use to change the wifi network name (Network Name (ESSID)) and then underneath that, there is "Encryption". Firstly, delete the default "MofiNetworkXXX" in the ESSID section and enter any Wifi name you'd like to set. Next, click the dropdown selection by "Encryption" and select any of those security options (we recommend WPA-PSK  for very basic password security). Once you select WPA-PSK or any other security measure (aside from "No encryption, which means no password), a text box will populate underneath labeled "Wireless Password/ Key". In this box, enter a password which is between 8 and 63 characters long (we recommend something simple that you will remember and is easy to tell guests/ family members. (Feel free to use our generic password which is OliveIP1! if you can't think of anything). Once you've entered a password that meets the criteria, the dots will change to black and allow you to hit the "Save" button at the bottom of the page. See below picture example. 

6. You have now successfully changed the wifi network information for your MOFI V3. Be advised, you will need to reconnect any and all wifi connected devices to your new wifi network using the new network name (SSID) and the new wifi password you've created. Your wifi connected devices will not automatically reconnect as they will be searching for the previous network information in which you've changed. 

Additional Information Regarding Wifi Settings 

On this page we will discuss six of the settings seen on this page:

  • The WiFi Radio Enabled: Normally this will not need to be changed as it is what makes the Mofi wifi appear on your wifi enabled devices, but if you want to change it from "Enabled" to "Disabled", be sure to have an alternate wifi network (a different wireless router/ access point/ wifi mesh network) established (ethernet cable going between LAN1 on the mofi4500 and your wireless mesh/ router/ or network switch) 
  • The WiFi Channel: Normaly this will not need to be changed, but if you want to change it, be sure to only use channels 1,6, or 11. 
  • Network Mode: This is the wifi frequency type your radio is emitting. Some wifi enabled devices will only see specific mode types. Be sure to read up on the various wifi modes and what mode best suites your network based on individual wifi device specs. See more here. 
  • The Network Name (ESSID): This is the name you give your network so you can recognize it later on. Be creative but avoid personal info. 
  • The Encryption (WiFi Security): Set the security to WPA-PSK using the dropdown selector
  • The Encryption Type (Cipher): For the best encryption set this to Force AES.
  • The Wireless Password/Key (Case Sensitive): This is the WiFi password you use to connect to your network on your phone/ tablet/ tv/ laptop/ gaming console/ etc. Create a strong password here of at least 8 characters. This password should contain numbers, symbols, and letters (both upper and lower case). 

That's it, simply save your changes by clicking the Save button before leaving this page.

Possible Problems when Changing your WiFi Settings

After making these changes to your router you will almost definitely have to reconnect any previously connected devices. This is usually done at the device itself and not at your computer.