In this article, we will show you how to setup your Mofi4500 to act as a failover. These settings do not apply to most residential users, however they do apply to most businesses. If you are using Olive IP services as your backup ISP, then it is critical to ensure your device is configured correctly. Follow the below steps to setup the Mofi4500 as the fail-over (backup) internet source.

1. Log into the Mofi4500 by typing in into the URL bar using Internet Explorer or Safari. (You need to be connected to the Mofi by either through the wireless network or via Ethernet cable)

2. The default log in information is User: root; Password: admin. Once you are logged into the device, locate the tab on the left-hand side labeled "+MOFI Business" and click that menu tab.

3. Once the tab is opened you will see a subtitle underneath labeled "Failover/ Load Balancing" Click this tab.

4. On the main side of the screen under MWAN Interface Live Status, you will see the status of the WAN port on your device. If the wan icon is green, it means the Mofi is detecting internet coming into the Mofi. If the icon is red, it means there is no working internet coming into the WAN port. If it is red/offline, ensure you have your primary internet source connected to the Mofi's Blue WAN port by Ethernet cable.


5. Once you have checked your connection, click on the "Global Settings" subtitle directly underneath the "Failover/ Load Balancing" subtitle.

6. Click the checkbox next to "Enable Failover:"

7. The default connection drop-down will show Default WAN Primary failover to wifi, USB, Internal Module. This shouldn't be changed unless your wanting the primary connection to be using the internal module on the Mofi (Olive IP/ Sim card use).

8. Hit the Save button to apply the settings and wait 3-5 minutes for the device to apply the new settings.

9. To check to see if it is working, navigate back over to the "Failover/ Load Balancing" Subtitle and you should see the WAN icon is green and says Online (tracking active).

Once you see it is functioning correctly, you can exit the Mofi's user interface and rest easy, knowing that in the event your primary internet source goes down, you will continue to have internet connectivity.