Below are some key troubleshooting steps for restoring internet connectivity for your MOFI4500 V2 router.

1. Ensure you have adequate 4G LTE signal 

2. Confirm APN Settings

AT&T (Blue Plans)
T-Mobile (Pink plan with Static IP)
T-Mobile (Pink Plan)
Verizon (Red Plans)
  1. Log into the device at
    default username is: root
    default password is: admin
  2. Click on "+Network"  then click ->"MOFI Internal Modem"
  3. Roughly halfway down this "Internal Module Settings" page look for the entry “Access Point (APN):”, enter the value for your carrier from the table above. If you are not sure what APN correlates to your service plan, please ask us, or log into your customer portal and look under your "Other Details" section which shows your device info, APN, SIM#, etc.
  4. Click save and wait for the modem to reconfigure its connection. (This can take up to 5 minutes). See below example photos of this screen below (One picture is of a SIM4 V2 Model MOFI and the other is a SIM7  V2 MOFI)

3. Update phone number and SIM ID (Only applies to the SIM4 model of the MOFI4500 V2)

  1. From a device connected to the MoFi's network, log into the Mofi's dashboard to access the settings
    The default username is: root
    The default password is: admin'
  2. Once the home page comes up, click on "+Network" then click --> "MOFI Internal Modem" on the left hand menu pane
  3. Scroll down on the module settings page (mofi internal modem page) until you see a button that reads "Press Here to Reset phonenumber/ SIM ID". Click that button. 
  4. Give the device a minute to rescan the installed sim card and make a internet connection. If no connection made (no internet light lit up), turn off the mofi (unplug from power) for 2 minutes and then plug it back in (turn it back on). Give it 5 minutes to boot up and recheck the connection.

If that doesn't work or your using the SIM7 V2, let's try resetting the internal 4G modem, also known as the internal/ Sierra module.

4. Reset Module Instructions

  1. Log into the MOFI4500 dashboard
  2. Once the home page comes up, click on "+Network" then click --> "MOFI Internal Modem" on the left hand menu pane.
  3. Scroll down until you see a button that reads "Press here to the Reset Sierra Module". Click this button.
    Note: The SIM7 model MOFI has a different Internal Modem page layout. This button is also towards the bottom of the internal modem page and reads: "Press here to RESET Module (router will reboot)". 
  4. The internal 4G LTE module will reset. This process can take up to 5 minutes and unfortunately, doesn't grant much insight into what it's doing. So, let the device sit for 5-10 minutes after this and come back to see if the internet light comes on. See below example photos taken from both a SIM4 and SIM7 model V2 MOFI4500. 

If, after this you still have no connection, let's try performing a full factory reset.

5. Factory Reset (When all else fails or isn't working right)

  1. Press the recessed/pinhole button on the back of the MOFI next to the power cord (using a pen or small object) and hold it for a full 20 seconds (use a timer or count one thousand one, one thousand two...etc)
  1. Release the button.  The boot up takes just under 3 minutes and you should see 3 lights illuminated: power, internet, and wifi once its back on. You may also see Lan1,2,3,4 illuminated if you have something connected via ethernet cable to any of the 4 lan ports. 
  2. The boot up takes just under 3 minutes and you should see all 3 lights on. Note: You may need to log back into the mofi after the reset and manually enter the correct APN info followed by hitting save and then rebooting one last time. Certain firmware versions do not automatically detect and or enter the APN info. 

6. Install the latest firmware If you still do not have a working connection and be sure to open a support ticket by emailing us at Be sure to include the 3 requests pictures with that email to so our team can best assist you.