1. Power off the device by either hitting the power button located on the back of the device, or unplugging from power.

  2. Remove the plastic cover found on the bottom of the modem.

  3. Slide the metal SIM shield down (toward the front of the modem) and flip up to release the SIM card.

  4. Remove the old SIM card and replace with the provided replacement, in the same orientation.

  5. Flip the SIM shield down and slide back into place (you should hear and feel it pop into place.

  6. Power your modem up and give it about 60 seconds to power up. This should restore your internet service.

  7. If service if not restored, you will likely need to log into your LB1120 User dashboard and configure the APN manually or "Verify the APN" from a pop-up window that MAY appear after the sign-in page.

  8. For more help tutorials or tech support for device help please visit Netgear's LB1120 resource page here.