If you are experiencing trouble with your ReadyNet LTE520 modem please see the following steps.

See the full user manual for the LTE520 here.

Connect the LTE520 using the following steps.

1. Connect one of the LAN ports to your computer with an Ethernet cable.

2. Connect one end of the power cord to the power port of this device. Connect the other end to an electrical wall outlet.

3. Push the ON/OFF switch to power on the router.

4. Check the Power, WAN, and LAN LEDs to verify connections.

The LTE520 supports user management. For user mode operation, please log in to the user interface web page. The Username is “user” and the default Password is the last 8 letters of the LAN port MAC address. This section also explains how to set up a password for an administrator/root user and how to adjust basic/advanced settings for successfully accessing the Internet.

Connect your computer to one of the router’s LAN ports using an Ethernet cable. Open a web browser on your computer, type The following login window will open.

To login, type in the Username and Password found on the label on the bottom of the LTE520 and click Login. (The username is “user” and the password is printed on the label on the bottom of your router.) The web page will log out after 5 minutes of no activity.

Sub-navigation bars will appear on the line below the top navigation bar. Click on the sub-navigation bars to choose a configuration page.

The modem user interface defaults to the status page which can be found at Status>Basic.

RSSI is the signal strength of your connection to your servicing tower.

Frequency indicates which frequency you are connected to the serving tower on.

ICCID is the unique identifying number of the SIM card that is installed in your modem.

To troubleshoot the LTE connection please click Network>LTE and verify the APN field is populated. If not please type in "broadband" for AT&T connections, or "fast.tmobile.com" for T-Mobile connections. The dial number may be required, if so please email support@oliveip.com to obtain that number.

If you are experiencing slow, or no speed, change the frequency you are connected to by selecting the drop down menu next to "BANDLOCK" and selecting a different frequency band, click Save & Apply then reboot your modem. Repeat the process until you have determined which frequency band works best for you.

If no information is populated, this would indicate that either the SIM card is improperly installed. See this guide to re-install your SIM card.

If trouble persists after reinstalling your SIM card, please email support@oliveip.com with a brief explanation to open a support ticket.